Sinus Infections

I had suffered sinus infections for years and found they were getting worse. Jackie came recommended to me through friends and I found the results impressive. After taking the homeopathic remedies for a few weeks, the constant pressure in my head was gone. My head feels clear for the first time in years. I would highly recommend a consultation with Jackie.
Pat – Co. Offaly


Jackie has been a huge help in my life the last few years. Especially when it came to helping with my depression. She has always found the best way to help me overcome it and fight through. Very caring and amazing at her job.
Tara – Co. Westmeath

Weight Loss

weight loss wp

‘I decided to try the 6 week weight loss programme. I was the heaviest I had ever been, namely as a result of strong sugar cravings and a diet that was less than ideal. My energy was low and I was feeling sluggish overall. After 3 weeks on the diet I had lost 14 pounds, my sugar cravings gone and my energy back. Best of all, because the diet was centered around eating lots of fresh unprocessed food along with homeopathic remedies, I find that I’m eating a lot better now. I dont have the mad sugar cravings I used to have and now can have a biscuit without feeling I need to finish the entire packet. I now feel more in control and I look and feel a lot better. Jackie was a great help and support throughout the programme and wouldnt hesitate to recommend this programme to anyone who wishes to lose weight and change eating habits.’    Marian – Co. Galway

Feeling bloated and tired

‘When I first went to see Jackie I was feeling tired all the time and I was suffering from numerous digestive complaints including bloating and wind. Although I felt it was something I was eating, it was difficult to pin it down. I did the food intolerance test and yeast was identified as a problem for me. Of course yeast is in a lot of foods I was eating including bread so it was no wonder I was feeling the way I was. After taking some remedies and making some dietary changes including switching to yeast free bread I feel so much better. My energy levels have improved also. Thank you Jackie.’   Anne – Co. Westmeath